About CryptoNumus Market Place

CryptoNumus Market Place is the World’s first direct Digital Asset to Real Estate Intermediary swap platform. CryptoNumus Intermediary Services automates agreements, swaps, process flows and centralizes closing steps. There is no commission or fee to list and Swap Assets on the CryptoNumus Market Place. The Digital Asset Holder does not need to convert their digital asset into FIAT, take on fluctuating market risk while waiting for closing, and pays no additional closing costs. Digital Asset Holder transfers the agreed Swap Amount and picks up the keys and deed on the agreed closing date.  

Digital Asset for Real Estate

CryptoNumus will swap your Digital Asset directly into Real Estate free of Fiat Conversion and any closing costs. We just hand you the key.

Fully Transparent

No closing costs or hidden fees to transfer a Real Estate Asset on closing. Legal fees, transfer taxes, all closing adjustments are included in the Swap Amount.

Guaranteed Swap

CryptoNumus Smart Contracts guarantee delivery of a clear, clean and unencumbered Real Estate Assets.

No Additional Closing Costs

Fully transparent Smart Contract process.


An independent closing lawyer is provided to the Digital Asset Holder.

Optional Property Management

Certain Real Estate swaps have an optional five-year property management agreement that guarantees rental income.

Approved Digital Assets

CryptoNumus Market Place is the best way to convert Digital Asset gains into a diversified and income-producing asset class

We Accept

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Tether (USDT)


CADT coin (CADT)

Binance Coin (BNB)

Solana (SOL)

Cardano (ADA)

Tether (USDT)

Dai (DAI)

Binance USD (BUSD)


TerraUSD (UST)

Digix Gold Token (DGX)

Other Digital Approved Assets

How it Works

No closing fees, exchange fees, fiat conversion fees, closing fees, legal fees, just pick up the keys!

Step One - Search listings on the Market Place

You can during your search contact our team for information, or if you want, take a trip and visit the property

Step Two - Interested in a Property, send us a Swap Now Notice

You can simply express your interest in a property and send us a Swap Now Notice, which is non-binding, it just starts a process that you can stop any time. 

Step Three - We will need information on you

Once we receive your non-binding Swap Now Notice, we will send you a link to Onfido, you will need to complete a KYC-AML disclosure process.

Step Four - Swap Agreement

We will send you a complete Swap Agreement to review with your professional advisors. If you have any questions, always contact our team.

Step Five - You made your decision to proceed

Email our team at swaptransfer@cryptonumus.io or contact our team and we will help you, step by step. 

Step Six - Swap Transfer Instruction

We will send you a Swap Transfer Instruction, once you have decided to proceed, if you want to make the Swap Agreement biding, follow the instructions and transfer the Swap amount, on the date and time provided to you.  If you do not send the Swap Amount, you are not bound to the Swap Agreement.

Step Seven - Team Support

Our team will assign you a closing team member, to help you through the process. We will send you a text and email to give you our contact information.

Step Eight - Closing Lawyer

Our team will give you names of lawyers, who can act for you, we pay the cost, or you can retain your own lawyer, we will pay an agreed fee. It is important you retain a closing lawyer. 

Step Nine - You have no closing costs

Our Swap Amount and services means we will pay all closing costs, complete closing administration, whatever they are, including setting up your utility services, insurance coverage etc. One Swap Amount, just pick up the keys.

Step Ten - Closing Day

Your closing lawyer will provide you with a closing statement, the deed and the keys on the closing date, set out in your Swap Agreement. You will not have to pay any additional fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a team of real estate, legal, administrative and digital market industry experts, deeply versed in intermediary settlement services focused on the emerging Digital Asset to Real Estate Asset swap market

We believe in centralizing asset swap closing processes, such as the implementation of smart contracts, one swap amount protocols, and transferring the FIAT conversion and market exchange risk to us

We are committed to a secure, transparent, and risk-free asset swap platform. We guarantee all settlements and closings

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The Swap Now Notice tells us to start the process of swapping your Digital Asset to a Real Estate Asset you have found on the Cryptonumus Market Place. It is IMPORTANT to include the Property ID tag.  This is a non-binding notice. Have any questions email our team at info@cryptonumus.io

Swap Now Notice

The Swap Agreement is made between CMP and You. It is non-binding until you have sent your Digital Asset Swap amount in accordance with the Swap Now Transfer Instruction included in the Swap Agreement.  It does not require signatures and is only binding if we receive the Swap Amount.  The Swap Amount includes all closing fees, closing adjustment, your closing lawyer fees, land transfer tax charges, title insurance fees, and legal fees.  Once you send the Swap amount, all you have to do is pick up the keys from your lawyer.  To be clear, if you do not send the Swap Amount, you are not bound to the terms and conditions of the Swap Agreement. Have any questions email our team at info@cryptonumus.io

The Swap Now Transfer Instruction is contained in your Swap Agreement.  Once we have agreed on the terms of the Swap Agreement, the CMP team will send you a Swap Now Transfer Instruction which includes, the Swap Amount Transfer Date, Swap Amount Transfer Time “Window”, Property ID Tag, the approved Digital Asset type, the agreed Swap Amount, and CMP Digital Wallet.  Do NOT send your Digital Asset to the CMP Digital Wallet unless you are clear about the Swap Now Transfer Instructions and your Swap Agreement.  Please seek professional advice before you transfer the Swap Amount. Have any questions email our team at info@cryptonumus.io

Typically, real estate transactions have a purchase price, then the buyer is required to pay closing costs, land transfer tax, title insurance, tax adjustments, condominium adjustments, legal fees, utility assumption fees etc.  There are NO closing costs when you use the CryptoNumus Market Place, your Swap Amount includes all closing costs, all you have to do is pick up the keys. Have any questions email our team at info@cryptonumus.io

CryptoNumus have assigned a unique Property ID Tag on all Real Estate Assets. It is very important to make a record of the Property ID Tag when discussing a swap with our team. Have any questions email our team at info@cryptonumus.io

CryptoNumus S.A. is an asset swap intermediary and does not provide escrow, or exchange services.

You can contact our team at info@cryptonumus.io we will respond within 24 hours. 

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