SOHO Wellington Centre

London, Ontario

Property Description

SoHo Wellington Centre is designed to act as a catalyst for the redevelopment of the SoHo area located within Downtown London. SoHo Wellington Centre’s scale and intensity create a vibrant node within the SoHo Neighbourhood. It is pedestrian-friendly, adjacent to public transportation, and connected to the surrounding pedestrian, commercial and residential fabric. The elegant design of the proposal is based on principles of urban sustainability. As an infill project, the SoHo Wellington Centre reduces sprawl, ties into existing infrastructure and provides a pedestrian-friendly streetscape focused on green space.

Charged with the task of unifying the space between the natural amenities the Thames River provides to the south and the urban context to the north, east, and west, SoHo Wellington Centre achieves this by drawing the park landscape up the riverbank and layering it in varying degrees from public to private residential spaces within the urban environment. This landscape reaches the pedestrian-oriented residential area and the retail area on the west end of South Street, lined with sidewalk cafes and vibrant street life.

Available Units

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